Swiss-quality talent, hassle-free recruitment

At EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, we offer a wide range of services for companies seeking to hire Swiss hotel school students and graduates for internships and full-time positions. Our Career Services Team can help you find the right person/persons for your current needs, drawing from our pool of talented, international and Swiss students. They can also provide you with opportunities to promote your company to students and alumni and connect you to other branches of the EHL Group for talent development services.

Job platform

Through, you can find highly qualified and motivated employees and publish your internship positions on the job portal, free of charge. Thanks to our partnership with, our partner companies, students and alumni of EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality benefit from a comprehensive industry network with many work and career opportunities.

Direct recruitment

If you would like to address students of the EHL Campus Passugg directly, you can send us a PDF file to be posted at the job board of the school. Your offer will be seen by our many Swiss and international students and we can offer guidance on the recruitment and contractual processes.

Short assignements

Students of EHL Campus Passugg can be booked for short-term assignments at events and for temporary substitutions in Service, Kitchen, Buffet, Office or Housekeeping. Contact us with to discuss availability.

Every year, we receive a growing number of requests to participate in our Career Days.

These on-campus recruitment events are a great opportunity to gain visibility and meet with prospective hires face to face.

Additionally, you can exchange with like-minded peers from renowned hotels and hospitality businesses from all over Switzerland, international hotel groups, cruise lines, airlines and other international tourism businesses.

Overall, it’s a fun and productive day for everyone involved!

Participants to the EHL SSTH Career Day receive drinks and food for a maximum of 2 persons. You can choose between two types of information stands. The cost is:

  • CHF 100 for a spot in the school building
  • CHF 350 for a spot in the lobby

If you would like to participate in this event with your company, we would be pleased to receive your registration.

Send us an email and we will keep you informed about the registration for our next EHL SSTH Career Day.