The EHL Campus Passugg is a microcosm of cultural diversity, nestled within the local community of the Graubünden region. Transparent leadership, social responsibility, economic sustainability, environmental awareness, and the education and sensitization to these themes shape our mission statement.

Sustainability Guidelines and Mission Statement of EHL Passugg

Our 4 Pillars of Sustainability

At EHL, our focus is to empower growth by nurturing excellence in human experiences. This includes all aspects that enable a good, sustainable life in a healthy environment.

We understand sustainability holistically and as a constant commitment within the EHL family, where we learn and grow.

Our students and apprentices receive not only the technical skills necessary for the workplace during their training, but they also learn what it means to work in the hospitality industry and beyond with heart and responsibility.


Our Engagement for Sustainability



Emotions and social experiences make us human. In our classes and work teams, we impart emotional intelligence skills that are practiced in everyday school and work life. Through care, transparency, and collaboration, we contribute to the well-being of apprentices, students, staff, and faculty on our campus.



Educating hospitality experts at the levels of basic vocational training, advanced vocational education, and professional development is our mission. The dimensions of sustainability are integrated into all programs and learning areas, enabling our students and apprentices to positively impact the world in their future professional fields.



With the support of our students and staff, EHL Campus Passugg demonstrates how sustainable management of our environment can be achieved. We minimize our energy and water consumption, reduce waste, and utilize renewable energy sources. The procurement of environmentally friendly, regional, and organic products is of high importance, and we are continually expanding this effort.



The cultural diversity at EHL Passugg is unique, and we seize the opportunity to learn from and with each other. Furthermore, we actively engage in social projects and charitable initiatives, creating jobs and educational opportunities that support diversity and inclusivity.

Current Sustainability Initiatives at EHL Passugg


First ibex-certified Hotel Management School

EHL Passugg is the first hotel management school to be certified with the ibex fairstay sustainability label.

The criteria from the five dimensions -  Management, Social, Ecology, Finance & Performance, and Regionality - support us with a holistic approach in the development and continuous improvement of individual areas on the EHL Campus Passugg.


Would you like to start an initiative with us?

We are always excited about new initiatives and projects that we can help shape as a school. Let's discuss how we can collaborate!