The course gives you valuable, real-world experience and global hospitality skills that will put you ahead of the crowd when you enter the workforce. If you are a highly motivated, independent thinker who wants rigorous real-world training elevated with applicable management theory, then this is the perfect program for you.

  • Become a full-grown hospitality professional with extensive know-how
  • Study & practice in Graubünden, Switzerland’s #1 tourism region
  • Live & learn in a close-knit community and a boutique hotel setting
  • Gain soft skills and an “affective approach” to customer experience
  • Gain a competitive career advantage with two years of professional experience*

* Applicants with hospitality work experience may be given up to one year of credit towards the total time required for completing the Swiss Professional Degree. Work certificates required.

Key Facts



Swiss Professional Degree
in Hotel and Restaurant Management
(Diplôme Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF)



4 Years, including 2 years
of work experience.
(Applicants with hospitality work experience may be given up to one year of credit towards the total time required for completing the Swiss Professional Degree. Work certificates required)



Campus Passugg, Switzerland

Courses and Semester Highlights


  • Get creative in the kitchen and experience the fast-paced world of food & beverage management
  • Organize a Gala dinner to showcase your event management skills
  • Plan and execute gourmet menus for your fellow students and faculty members to enjoy



Cuisine Practice

Cuisine Theory

Food Safety & Sanitation


Service Practice

Service Theory

F&B Control

Beverage Knowledge & Management


Applied Mathematics

Law & Economics

Economics 1: Macroeconomics

Human Resources

Group & Team Work

Business & Entrepreneurship

MS Office 1

Supporting Studies

Academic Writing & Research 1, German 1














  • Learn the methods behind the scenes of pristine hotel rooms and lobbies
  • Do hands-on activities to learn cleaning standards and facilities management
  • Experience role-playing challenges to learn how to deal with real clients
  • Learn to use the tools that managers use for hospitality administration


Rooms Division

Housekeeping Practice

Housekeeping Management

Front Office Practice

Front Office Computer

Facility Management

Division Management



Financial Accounting

Law & Economics

Law I

Economics 2: Macroeconomics

Human Resources

HR Administration

Internship Preparation


Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Communication

Business Correspondence

MS Office 2



Strategic Management

Supporting Studies

Academic Writing & Research 2, German 2





















  • Location: Switzerland or abroad (depending on visa requirements)
  • Working in: Operations, Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Front Office or Cross-training
  • Developing: Real-world experience, confidence, self-management, adaptability, cultural awareness, foreign language skills, etc.

Highlight: Restaurant Concept Week

  • Put your creativity and knowledge of restaurant operations into practice.
  • Work in a group to design a catering concept and then implement it.
  • You manage a task in the group, such as finance, marketing or organization.
  • Your team is evaluated based on results and managing the budget


Cuisine Service & Practice

Gastronomy Supervision

Hospitality Supervision

Restaurant Concept Week


Financial Accounting 2

Revenue Management

Financial Analysis

Law & Economics

Law 2: Hospitality Law

Economics 3: Microeconomics

Human Resources

HR Management

Business & Entrepreneurship

Web Design

Project Management

Quality & Environmental Management

Marketing 2

International Hotel Management

Organizational Management

Cross cultural Competencies

Supporting Studies

Academic Writing & Research 3

German 3





















  • Location: Switzerland or anywhere worldwide 
  • Working in: Any kind of hotel or hospitality business, administration and supervision roles
  • Developing: Project and administrative skills, personal responsibility, people management, communication skills, leadership skills.
  • Apply your knowledge in a team project for an external business partner
  • Develop a business plan that meets the requirements of a brief
  • Find solutions for financing, process management, marketing etc.
  • Present your ideas to company representatives and receive feedback



Culinary Arts

Spa & Wellness Management


Financial Management &


Human Resources


Business & Entrepreneurship

Tourism Operations

Tour Operating & Travel Agencies

Business Plan

Real-Life Integrated Project

Choose your Major


Culinary Arts

Want to start your career in the Food & Beverage industry? The semester 6 module in Culinary Arts will prepare you to organize and carry out special events, as well as implement the latest culinary trends, including seasonal and sustainable practices.


Spa & Wellness Management

Interested in running a spa or wellness service?  The semester 6 module in Spa & Wellness Management will give you fundamental knowledge of these specialized services and deepen your individual competencies in operational and business management areas.
Work Experience

Two Years of Work Experience

The degree requires a total of two years of work experience for graduation:

  • Achieved through several 6- to 12-month internships. Previous hospitality work experience may be counted towards the total time required.
  • Roles in both operations and supervisory/management positions
  • Makes you a mature candidate with professional know-how to confidently lead a team
  • Gives you the years of experience required for most managerial positions.
  • 6 months’ work experience is strongly recommended before starting the course.  The Admissions department may require students without experience to complete a Professional Internship Foundation (PIF) semester at EHL Campus Passugg before joining the program.

Alumni Testimonials

Three Semesters to Bachelor’s Degree Completion

The program is taught in English or German and is recognized by the Swiss Confederation (through SERI). The HES-SO recognizes the HF degree as equivalent to 90 ECTS towards EHL’s Bachelor in International Hospitality Management. After successful completion of the HF program, students can continue their studies and obtain the Bachelor’s degree after three semesters.

Two Semesters in Passugg

  • Semesters 3 & 5 of the Academic Pathway
  • Advanced level courses in business analysis, strategic management, applied and integrated hospitality management, communication, and culture.
  • Teamwork assignments, case studies, and interactions with industry experts

Final Semester in Lausanne

  • Semester 6 of the Academic Pathway
  • Choose three electives from nearly 20 industry-relevant subjects to develop specific expertise for your career path
  • Student Business Project: A final group project where you become the consultant and solve a business challenge for an external industry partner.

Admissions & Fees

Are you a good candidate for the Swiss Professional Degree
in Hotel and Restaurant Management program?

When considering your application for the program, our admissions team will look at your:

  • Academic qualifications, including school certificates, tests and grades
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Personality and motivation

We encourage you to start your online application to learn more about the documents and other requirements of the admission process.

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Quality and Accreditations


Our Professional school, the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (EHL SSTH) is located on the EHL Campus Passugg, and has successfully completed its pre-accreditation for the internationally renowned THE-ICE quality label for tourism and hospitality education. EHL SSTH is now an associate of THE-ICE 


Accredited through the Swiss federal government (SERI) framework for HF programs

EHL SSTH was the first hotel management school to offer the HF Swiss Professional Degree in both German and English, which allows to become a certified Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur recognized by the Swiss Confederation


Classed as tertiary education

The Swiss Professional Degree (HF degree) is classed as tertiary B education, according to the national qualification framework. Tertiary level B denotes higher professional education


With the recognition of 90 ECTS points of the Bologna system

The University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) recognizes the German and English HF degree program "Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice / Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF" as equivalent to 90 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System(ECTS).
This recognition gives HF graduates the opportunity to further their professional education by transitioning directly into the bachelor's degree program at EHL.