This program is only offered in German. If you would like to study in English, please see our Swiss Professional Degree.


This three-year Hotel Communications Specialist EFZ (HoKo) Diploma will prepare you for administrative roles in the world of hospitality and create a strong foundation for further hospitality studies. During this program, you will:

  • Focus on the guest experience and service excellence 
  • Develop people skills and soft skills (communication, confidence, self-management)
  • Learn to run daily hotel operations with technical and industry know-how
  • Complete hands-on training and classes covering all hospitality departments
  • Spend half of the program on hotel internships, with the support of the school

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Courses & Internships

The school-based vocational training at EHL Campus Passugg is designed to give you the expertise needed for jobs in hospitality operations and administration, as well as valuable soft skills for management careersHere is an overview of the Hotel Communications course content and internships:

During the first semester at Campus Passugg, you will focus on various restaurant areas as well as other important aspects of hospitality:

  • Restaurant operations (kitchen & service)
  • Communication skills
  • Business organization
  • Languages: English and French or Italian
  • Accounting
  • IT: office applications
  • Tourism
  • General education
  • Project week: intercultural, excursions (e.g. winegrowers and organic cuisine)

Service and kitchen internship (6 months). Internship pay: CHF 1,400/month

In this classroom-based semester focusing on accommodation, you can expect to learn about the following:

  • Accommodation (reception & housekeeping)
  • Communicating about offers
  • Business organization
  • Languages: English and French or Italian
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • IT: office applications
  • General education
  • Project week: communication workshops
  • Reception training
Accommodation internship in the areas of reception, administration and housekeeping, for 1 year. Internship pay: CHF 1,700/month

In this classroom-based semester focusing on communication and administration, you can expect to learn about the following subjects:

  • Communication
  • Tourism & online marketing
  • IT: web design
  • Business organization
  • Languages: English and French or Italian
  • Accounting
  • General education
  • Project week: consolidation work
  • Preparation for qualification

In the program, first you'll discover what goes on behind the scenes in a hotel reception and other departments, starting with your professional training course in the kitchen and in housekeeping. Then you'll move on to the front office, spending time with the service and reception staff.


What students love about the HoKo

EHL Campus Passugg is more than just a hotel management school, it's also a real hotel. On the Hotel Communications course, you'll learn from the bottom up how the different hotel sections interact with each other. You'll work in the kitchen, in service, in housekeeping, on reception, and in the office. You'll look after guests and organize events. You'll become a communications professional and you'll represent your hotel on social media. All of this comes in an exciting blend of school and work.



On the Hotel Communications course, you'll become a future communications professional. You'll advise and look after hotel guests and communicate with customers and partner companies, both face to face and through social networks. You'll work in marketing and convert your own ideas into reality. You'll design experiences that will live on in your guests' memories.



Sit at a desk and read about theory? Not here. At EHL Campus Passugg, you and your fellow trainees will manage the restaurants and the coffee bar in the school's hotel, organize public functions, and be responsible for pop-up events. You'll be in charge of organizing your own work right from the start. And that's pretty unique.



At EHL Campus Passugg, you'll live and learn alongside students from all over the world, and you'll be able to immerse yourself in the exciting life on campus. In other words, you'll make new friends, get to know different cultures, and speak different languages. Together with your new friends, you'll be able to take part in our varied sports and leisure program. Whether you're studying, working, or enjoying your leisure time, there's always a buzz on campus.



You'll spend half of the course at EHL Campus Passugg and the other half in hotels, where you'll be able to put your new knowledge into practice.

You won't need to spend hours searching for internships on your own, because we'll help you find an exciting internship placement with our vast network. We'll even take any preferences you have on board.


Fees & Scholarships

The costs of the Hotel Communications Specialist EFZ include tuition fees, uniforms and teaching materials, lunch and campus service fees. If you intend to live on campus, costs will also include accommodation and meals.

You will earn wages during your three internship semesters that add up to CHF 28,800, which you can use to help pay for your professional training course.

If you need additional financial support, you can apply to your canton of residence for help with training costs or visit one of the many scholarship and advice centers in Switzerland.


Are you a good candidate for the Hotel Communications Specialist EFZ course?

When considering your application for the Hotel Communications Specialist EFZ course, our admissions team will look at your:

  • Academic qualifications, including school certificates, tests and grades
  • Knowledge of languages
  • Personality and motivation

We encourage you to start your online application to learn more about the documents and other requirements of the admission process.

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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Hotel Communications Specialist course:

The following topics are part of the hotel communications concept and training, and are taught at EHL Campus Passugg:

  • Basics of verbal and written communication
  • Conversations involving advice, sales, feedback, and complaints
  • Information and communication about every section
  • Recording and disclosing guest information and preferences
  • Cultural value preferences
  • Understanding guest and target groups
  • Communicating with guests, before, during, and after their stay
  • Online platforms
  • Marketing measures
  • Social media
  • English and a second foreign language

Hotel communications trainees move around within the business, as practical all-rounders. First and foremost, it's all about getting to know the hotel industry's organization and processes. After that, they become familiar with each department's most important issues, to ensure guests receive the best possible service.

Communication and networking are key to a hotel communication specialist's work.

An Everyday Example of Hotel Communication: New Year's Eve Dinner

Hotel Communications students get involved in event organization. For a New Year's Eve Dinner they would design a package including dinner and accommodation, create appropriate communications for the event, and publish them on the Internet. They would take reservations, deal with guests' special requests, and look after them during the event to guarantee the feel-good factor.

The following hotel companies offer taster days or weeks that will give you a glimpse behind the scenes of each section. Get in touch with the contact in the personnel department directly. When making your request, please mention that you are interested in the Hotel Communications Specialist EFZ course at the EHL Campus Passugg and that you have found the contact on the recommendation list of the hotel management school.

Location Company
Adelboden Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa
Arosa Tschuggen Grand Hotel und Hotel Valsana
Arosa Waldhotel Arosa
Basel Krafft Gruppe
Bergün Kurhaus Bergün
Chur Hotel ABC
Chur Hotel Stern Chur
Flims Schweizerhof Flims, Romantik Hotel
Grindelwald Hotel & Apartments Kirchbühl
Horn Hotel Bad Horn
Küsnacht Romantik Seehotel Küsnacht
Laax Weisse Arena Hospitality AG, Signinahotel
Lenzerheide Hotel Schweizerhof
St. Moritz Hotel Restaurant Hauser St. Moritz
Valbella Hotel Seehof Valbella
Vitznau Hotel Vitznauerhof
Winterthur Park Hotel Winterthur
Zermatt Hotel Mont Cervin Palace
Zuoz Hotel Castell Zuoz
Zürich Genossenschaft ZFV-Unternehmungen
schweizweit Sunstar Swiss Hotel Collection

Hotel communications specialists are qualified to apply for the following jobs, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Guest Ambassador
  • Reception Staff/Receptionist
  • Guest Relation Manager - at reception, in service or at bar
  • Hospitality All-Rounder
  • Reservation and Welcome Staff
  • Management Team Assistant
  • Front Office Agent or Supervisor

Alternatively, you can choose to continue your studies onto the Swiss Professional Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, if you meet certain criteria, after completing the Hotel Communications course.

The course starts in August of each year. Semester dates can be found here (subject to change).

Yes, social responsibility is very important to us and Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) is one of EHL Group's strategic pillars. We are deeply committed to sustainability and this has an influence on many of the aspects we teach.

Fast-track to a Swiss Professional Degree

After completing the Hotel Communications Specialist course, you can apply for the fast-track to get your Swiss Professional Degree (Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF), with special conditions.

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