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Our Professional school, the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality is located at EHL Campus Passugg and offers Swiss professional hospitality programs with a contemporary, immersive approach that prepares graduates to create amazing guest experiences. Founded in 1966, the school joined the EHL Group in 2013.


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Unique Location

Swiss history and culture is all around you on campus, a 150-year-old hotel resort site that was once an internationally renowned spa hotel with healing mineral springs. The location offers breathtaking views of the mountains and surroundings of Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland.

Campus Passugg includes several buildings: The main building is where you find the classrooms, practical arts facilities, student accommodation and restaurants. Our students also live and study in the Fontana building and the Bachelor Village.

This campus will immerse you in traditional Swiss hospitality culture and amaze you with the beauty of the Swiss mountains as you explore and test the latest trends that are shaping hotel and restaurant businesses.

  • State-of-the-art classrooms and cozy meeting places 
  • Variety of affordable accommodation options directly on campus
  • International students and an authentic Swiss experience
  • Graubünden region, Switzerland's top destination for Alpine tourism

Practical Learning Facilities

Demo kitchen and pastry area: From watch and learn, to practice and improve, cooking to perfection and creating delicious desserts is what our demo kitchen and in-house pastry area are all about. Thanks to a ceiling camera, all of your work processes are recorded and later analyzed and optimized together with your faculty experts.

Training Restaurants: Our students rotate through their food & beverage training courses in all five of our restaurants on campus: "The Essence" is our fine-dining training restaurant where students learn to execute a Gueridon platter service and banquet service. "Campigiana" is our bistro and bar where students practice preparing drinks and quick meals such as sandwiches and burgers. Our "Umami" restaurant is dedicated entirely to Asian cuisine. The “Da Fortunat” restaurant is dedicated to regional Swiss cuisine. Our self-service restaurant, called “The Market”, teaches students how to set up and serve in a buffet-style restaurant with a live cooking station.

The Elysium:  In our multisensory restaurant experience, you will learn first-hand how emotionally charged experiences are created. Exclusive gourmet cuisine is combined with the latest digital effects to enrich the guest's experience. You will learn to use animations, projections, sound, and scent effects to stimulate all five senses and create an unprecedented gastronomic performance.

Academic Facilities

Classrooms: Our classes are held in modern rooms, all equipped with multimedia stations and projectors. You will learn to communicate about the latest trends with the latest media.

Media center: Whether for academic projects or private tasks, you need a modern workplace and electronic devices. The Media Center, equipped with computer stations with laptop connections, printers, copiers and scanners, can be used by students for research work and project preparation.

Group rooms: No matter the industry or company: teamwork is essential. EHL Campus Passugg students learn how to work successfully in teams and how to manage them. Team and group work play a central role in hotel management studies. Various group rooms and attractive meeting points are available for this purpose.

Food & Beverage Outlets

Our F&B offer will take you around the world and let you taste the latest trends. We have five in-house restaurants that are run by students and supervised by teachers with expertise in their respective fields. All conveniently located on campus, these F&B outlets offer wide service hours and rotating seasonal menus so you'll never get bored with what there is to eat and drink. 


  • Dedicated to Asian cuisine and specialties such as sushi, poke and noodle soups
  • Features live cooking station
  • Open Monday-Thursday, for Lunch 12:10-13:30

Da Fortunat

  • Dedicated to Swiss cuisine, regional and organic products
  • Traditional meals from the Graubünden region by chef Dennis
  • Open Monday-Thursday, for Lunch 12:10-13:30


  • Bistro and bar, offers coffee and croissants, and healthy seasonal smoothies
  • Lunchtime options include burgers, sandwiches and tarte flambée
  • Open in the evening for drinks
  • Bar open:
    Monday-Friday from 08:00-22:00, Restaurant open:
    Monday-Thursday for Lunch, 12:10-13:30.

The Essence

  • Freshly prepared, classic 3-course menus including wine accompaniment, dessert and coffee
  • Upscale cuisine from top chef Thomas Bissegger
  • Open Monday-Thursday for Lunch, 12:10-13:30

The Market

  • Self-service restaurant, quick meals from a buffet of salads, main courses and desserts.
  • Open Monday-Friday for Breakfast, 07:00-08:00, Lunch Monday-Friday, 11:20-13:00 and Dinner Monday-Thursday 18:00-19:30.
  • Open on Weekends for Brunch, 10:00-12:00 and Dinner Friday-Sunday, 18:00-18:45

Student Accommodation

From your room in Campus Passugg, you can enjoy a fascinating view of the mountains and forests and watch the seasons change. Around 160 single and double rooms are available for our students, and we are continuing to expand. 

Approximately 250 apprentices and students from various nations live on the EHL Passugg Campus, in the school hotel as well as in the Fontana and the Bachelor Village. Living in our student training hotel means you benefit from excellent "concierge" services, a modern infrastructure, and convenient access to your classes. A security service guarantees 24/7 security on campus. 

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