Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management (HF)

This traditional Swiss hospitality management degree will prepare you to start your career as a skilled hospitality professional with the technical know-how to run a hotel or restaurant business.

It gives you valuable, real-world experience and global hospitality skills that will put you ahead of the crowd when you enter the workforce.

Choice of three Majors: Culinary Arts, Spa & Wellness Management or Sustainable Management.


Hotel Communications Apprenticeship Diploma (HoKo, in German)

The Swiss Federation-certified Hotel Communications Specialist (HoKo) Apprenticeship Diploma is only offered in German.

It features exciting, hands-on learning experiences and industry internships, and it prepares you for immediate access to hospitality administrative roles or future hospitality management studies.

Professional Path to the Bachelor Degree

Graduates of the Swiss Professional Degree delivered by EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality can complete the Bachelor’s degree by studying for three additional semesters. The first semester takes place on EHL Campus Passugg.  The final two semesters take place on EHL Campus Lausanne.


EHL Campus Passugg

Our campus sits above the city of Chur, allowing you to experience Switzerland’s most famous region for alpine tourism and luxury hospitality from the comfort of a cozy, resort-style campus in the mountains.

With small classes and a close-knit community, you get an intimate, personalized educational experience with an international outlook


What is Vocational Education?

The word vocation means more than just a job, it's about being called to a particular career or occupation, and this notion of a true calling is at the heart of vocational studies. These courses put professional training and passion at the center of the learning experience by balancing hands-on learning with industry immersion.

Vocational education isn’t just “job training” as some might believe, it's about developing professional know-how to the highest level in combination with transferable academic skills. It allows graduates to enter the job market fully prepared for managerial roles and to advance to higher levels, using analytical and leadership skills, as their career progresses.  

The Value of Swiss Professional Education for Hospitality

  • Access to University of applied Sciences: Gain access to university-level studies  with a professional certificate or diploma that is recognized in the Swiss education system. 
  • Dual Expertise: Develop the hard skills (professional, technical know-how) and soft skills (human relations, self-development) of well-rounded professional. 
  • Fast-track: Graduate with the experience to manage real-world operations and teams, from a 50/50 blend of campus-based learning and internships.
  • Progressive: Study complex subjects and take on responsibilities step-by-step, moving up from operational tasks to management and leadership.
  • Transferable: Hospitality skills apply to other types of businesses and industry sectors, and recruiters love the customer-centric hospitality approach.