As a part of our Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management, this culinary arts major will give you the specialized skills to create or manage a culinary business that elevates the latest food trends and meets the modern customer's high expectations.

Plus, you develop a wide base of hospitality business knowledge to broaden your career  opportunities throughout your life. Delivered using the Swiss method of practical learning combined with management theory, the program will take you on a learning journey with unique advantages for your career.

The Culinary Arts Courses

The culinary arts specialization at Campus Passugg is based on three pillars of excellence that will develop your palate, creativity, sense of social responsibility, and innovative nature.

Delivered in the final semester of the Swiss Professional Degree, these major courses hone your culinary and restaurant management skills through workshops, field trips, and hands-on projects, preparing you for entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities immediately after graduation.


Pleasure and Senses

These workshops explore the importance of using your senses in the F&B industry. There is much more to the culinary experience than just taste, so you learn to use all five senses (taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell) when delivering an experience to the guest.


Service Arts

A great meal is about much more than food – and it’s the people who work front of house who know how to make you feel special. With various workshops and events, you will explore the Art of Service, and learn to deliver an exceptional guest experience every time. 




The concept of ‘sustainability’ is an important issue in the world of culinary arts and the food & beverage industry. These workshops will teach you where different food comes from, the nutritional value of various ingredients, ways to optimize nutrition and the most sustainable (environmental, social and economic) practices.

Culinary Arts Highlights


Culinary Arts Careers & Food Businesses

A degree in culinary arts gives you access to a wide range of career options in food and beverage businesses, plus opportunities to start or transform your own food business. More than that, the Culinary Arts major of the Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management will give you additional career options in the global hospitality industry.

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